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OraCmd is a command-line tool for Oracle that can run sql command, import/export data
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5 December 2014

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OraCmd 2.0 is an adept command line tool that functions with Oracle directly using TCP/IP protocol, without requiring any Oracle client application. It takes out the pain from the manual importing/exporting of data, and is capable of running sql command, without requiring Oracle client. You can easily deploy and schedule database tasks quickly to different PCs, thus reducing stress and saving your valuable time. The tool supports working in two interactive and batch mode, and can easily loac/unload Oracle data from/to text csv, etc files. It allows importing and exporting LOB data, run sql script from a file, and shows the fetch results vertically.

While using OraCmd 2.0 you can easily connect to Oracle in normal mode by entering correct username and password. It even allows you to hide password, and work in other modes named as SysDBA and SysOper. You can easily execute sql command, where you can select, update, insert, drop, delete, create, alter, truncate data; prevent repetition of column header name; view fetch results vertically; and also get bind variable support. Also, you’re also allowed running sql script from a file by following simple steps. Further, you can start with loading Oracle data from a flat file by setting required parameters through entering necessary commands. Likewise, entering the necessary commands and defining the location, you can easily carry out the process for unloading/exporting Oracle data to a flat file. Now, for executing database tasks at the specified time, you’d have to create batch files which you would require running at a certain time every day. OraCmd tool can competently export LOB including BLOB, and CLOB data, with ease. Moreover, it allows creating database objects such as table, view, procedure and functions, type.

OraCmd 2.0 is a skillful command line tool for working with Oracle without requiring you to install Oracle client application. The tool supports extensive features and gives impressive performance making it deserve 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

OraCmd is a command-line tool for Oracle that can run sql command, import/export data, even without Oracle client.
Main features:
1. Connect to Oracle without installing Oracle client software.
2. Execute sql command.
3. Run sql script from file.
4. Load Oracle data from flat file (txt,csv,etc...).
5. Unload Oracle data to flat file.
6. Execute Database Tasks(Run sql script, Load data, Unload data) at a specific time (through schedule task).
7. Display fetch result vertically.
8. Import/export LOB data.
Version 2.9
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